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Optimize your computers from the cloud.
Agomo lets you clean and manage your computers easily, from anywhere, using the power of the cloud! Sign Up Learn More
CCleaner on all your PCs
The world's favorite PC optimization tool
now available in the cloud!
  • Clean locally or remotely
  • Defrag your drives
  • Fix problems in the Windows Registry
Speedy setup
Get started with Agomo in less than
1 minute!
Add and remove software
Optimize the software installed on every machine.
Monitor from anywhere!
Clean, optimize and monitor your home
computers wherever you are or manage an
entire campus-wide IT network.
  • Run or schedule your optimization
  • Bug fix remotely
  • Control your startup programs
System information
View CPU load, memory usage, full disks and over a 100 more essential stats!
Predictive email alerts
Agomo warns you before problems occur!

Be the first to know when Agomo is ready!
People love Agomo Find out what people are saying.
"This program starts a new era of cloud-based computer cleanup."
Marcus Davis
"This is shaping up to be a game changer for how I use and maintain my PCs."
Zachery Hysong
"I will absolutely be using it regularly and would recommend it in a heartbeat to friends, family, and fellow IT pros!"
Brent Long
"Works unnoticeably in the background."
Herbert Ackermans
Companies that trust Piriform products to optimize their computers include...
Managing your computers is going to get a lot easier!
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